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You wouldn't start an offline business without some solid 

understanding of Goals, Assets, Products, and Marketing.

So why wouldn't you do it for your Online Business?

I've got a PLAN for you that has all the essentials about working from 

home; including understanding crucial mindset elements, online assets, and creation and marketing of in-demand information products. 

In this one concise volume is your formula to take that BIG STEP forward.

Dear Future Online Entrepreneur

I'm going to keep this short because your time is valuable and you don't need to be hit with a long 

sales pitch. 

Here Are Some Very Important Questions I Want To Ask You

  • Have you lost your job, or are you under-employed? Are you washed up from your present job?Are you finding it very difficult to make ends meet? Are you a senior or retiree?
  • Are you desperate to change your (and your family's) lifestyle and operate a business from home, to choose your own hours of work, to not be answerable to anybody else, and to be in control of your own destiny? And be happy doing it?

  • Have you ever thought about starting your own online business working from home but haven't known where or how to start?

  • Have you ever thought about starting an online business by writing an eBook but didn't know how to start?

The Choice Is Yours ... You Have The Power To Change Your Life, And To Change Your Destiny

Are you one of many people who would like to start a home business? If you are, it allows the freedom of being able to work whenever or wherever you want to.

However, sometimes it's not easy to get there. Some people get very stuck, they feel like they’re in a rut; others might have tried to change their situation only to fail and give up.

People like this fall back into "survival" mode and continue what they've always done. They might feel that they are controlled by their work and their life’s situation, and by the necessity to earn an income just to meet daily expenses. The treadmill never stops - around and around and around it goes!

Being a captive of "work" is understandable, but imagine having to go through the same routine day-in day-out for a lifetime and never taking the opportunity to try something else and have success at it. For some people it is all too hard to think about something else.

But life is far too short not to have a go at trying something different. These are new times we're in, so here's the chance to change where you are in your life, and step into NEW TIMES.





When I started online, I initially wrote a plan for myself so that I could place the essential elements of an online home business into a practical and logical order. It helped me enormously. 

But so many people get bogged down when trying to create an online business, in fact any sort of business, so that's when I thought I'd do something about it. I created "Bring On New Times". 

This is no ordinary eBook … it's packed with essential details and I'm now releasing it to help anyone break free and start an online business using their skills and knowledge.

There's no fluff or filler in this very concise book, it's just full of content. You'll be able to get YOUR business organised in just a few days.

Learn And Apply The Essential Techniques For Creating

An Online Home Business 

Here are just a few things you'll discover in "Bring On New Times".

  • Key concepts about transitioning from your J-O-B to an online business

  • Understand the essence of building online assets, and trading your time for products and not for money (this latter one happens in the offline world)

  • Know about leverage to maximize your time

  • Identify self appraisal and goal-setting

  • Choose your optimum online business model using SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis. How often do you hear other marketers talk about this?

  • Learn about the path to self-employment and satisfaction. This is so important, you need to be happy in whatever you do.

  • How to define and achieve your goals. How many people start a new venture without ever setting goals? A lot!

  • The most satisfying model for starting a home business, based on your skills and knowledge. This is the best way to get going and not to rely on anybody else. You will be in total control of your destiny.

  • Learn new skills you've probably never thought of. 

  • How to create, market, and sell your own info-products. This is the key to your future.

  • Where to place your info-product into various marketplaces at no cost.

  • The incredible opportunities awaiting anyone wishing to access the global marketplace.

               Do not believe for a moment that you can't do it! 

And don't believe that you need a massive course with a hefty price tag to create an online business. 

Who needs 20 hours of video, or 6 DVD's, or a 300 page eBook, to start? Nobody does. 

But one thing stands out above everything else … anyone can build a work-at-home business venture!

"BRING ON NEW TIMES" is packed with information to steer you safely and surely along the online home business path. And here's the key! 

The easisest method to get there is to produce information products … write about your interests and passions, publish to the world, build your reputation, create a business, build wealth.

If you follow the whole process in "BRING ON NEW TIMES" you'll have your first info-product, the foundation of your business, completed and for sale in the shortest possible time. 

The Price?

"BRING ON NEW TIMES" will be of great benefit if really want to change your life's circumstances and to make a new start working from home.

I'm confident that there's far greater value in this ebook than the low price of $10. 

This is a small investment to make for your future financial independence. 

Don't let the low price fool you. The reason why I'm pricing it so low is to get it into as many hands as possible and to allow people to begin to experience the great feeling of independence and satisfaction that comes with creating your very own home business.



These have been carefully selected to complement your learning and to put you in the right mindset.


3d ecover Science of Getting Rich

This is a classic text written way back in 1910 by Wallace D Wattles. Although written more than a century ago, it is still in print today. 

Don't be put off by its age, or by the title. This is timeless stuff and explains how to overcome mental barriers, and how your creative self is the hidden key to your wealth.

You'll benefit enormously from this book and perhaps it should be read first, prior to beginning your online business journey. 

Becoming Unstoppable info

Infinite Sales info

These three bonuses complement "BRING ON NEW TIMES". Use them all to boost your work-at-home business venture.

I want you to be absolutely sure that "BRING ON NEW TIMES" is what you really need and want, so here is my Guarantee.



Of course, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, the bonuses are yours to keep ... use these to your best advantage!

Secure a copy of "BRING ON NEW TIMES" for $10 and begin your new times today! 

Here's what you can get your hands on in the next minute ... 

  • A 44 page PDF concise guide on establishing an online home business 
  • A simple system that takes you step-by-step in setting up a simple business model 
  • How to get a ready-made info-product of your own and set everything up for sales with the least effort 
  • How to establish a marketing and sales system, including repeat buyers list, without a website
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Three complementary bonuses (don't pass on these!)




I'm confident the system in "BRING ON NEW TIMES" can produce outcomes that can change your life. 

There's nothing that should overwhelm you, so remember, if you have any questions please contact me by using the Contact form (see the footer below) and I'll reply as soon as I can.

The best of success...

Des Menz

PS :    Remember, anyone can do this! Read what Wallace D Wattles wrote more than 100 years  
            ago in "The Science of Getting Rich". There are tremendous opportunities waiting for you, but
            there's one sure thing ... YOU and only you have the ability to change your life's circumstances.

PPS :  Also, your satisfaction and success are my primary objectives with "BRING ON NEW TIMES".  
            At just $10, it's a tiny investment for your future success. 


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